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Employment: Terminated

October 4th, 2011 at 12:03 am

Today, I was called into the office, thinking that my client was going to be the one to be spoken to, as he has been having behaviors recently.

Instead, I was spoken to. And, as a result, my employment was terminated. Why? Because of this blog.

They printed off my blog from

Text is September 30 - Change of Employer and Link is
September 30 - Change of Employer and used it as evidence to fire me. They say that I violated my participant's privacy and that I never did the things that I claim in that blog. They said that I never contacted them in order to be transferred positions, and that they had offered me a position months before, that I turned down. I explained to them that I originally wanted to work days. And now, since I have been accepted to university, I wanted a night shift. I put that request in over a month and a half ago. Since the attack from the participant, I put in a request to be transferred to another apartment until I could get a night shift, as I felt that my safety was in jeopardy.

Anyways... I am now unemployed. And my previous employer said that they would "do everything in their power to make sure that I never work in the Medicaid-funded field again," and that they were going to be contacting the employer I was having the interview with. I have no idea how they got to this blog, or how they knew that it was that company that I was going to be applying for.

So... Now what? I am working to file unemployment at the DoL, though I cannot remember my PIN from when I was a teenager, so I have to wait until tomorrow so that I can speak with someone about that. Also, I will be printing off the blog post and taking it to my potential employer in hopes that they will see that there is no valid claim to terminate my employment, or to bar me from future employment in the field.

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  1. Miz Pat Says:

    How on earth could they tell its your blog? Do you blog at work? I hope you get employed again quickly

  2. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Does your facebook & flicka have anything to do with it.

    You will have learnt a hard lesson but you are young enough to learn it now!

    Never talk about your bosses online to anyone. Be ambiguous about work where possible.

    Best of luck in the future.

  3. uRabbit Says:

    I had the link on my Facebook, and a former employee of theirs was on my Facebook. So, that must have been how it happened. I still do not believe that I did anything that warranted a dismissal. Nor do I think I did anything that should warrant a barring of my employment at other such entities.

    We shall find out, soon enough! Tomorrow, I am going to take the letter that I have already drafted, and hand it in to my hopeful employer, in attempts to "get to them" before my previous employer does. I hope it works. This field is a brutal and disgusting one... I am also going to apply for unemployment. It is pretty hard to get unemployment in this state, but I do not believe that I am at fault here. If anyone could read over my blog and see if there is anything there that points to possible denial of benefits, that'd be great.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    So sorry to hear of this setback. Best wishes!

  5. previous employer Says:

    David, It's your previous employer here. Bottom line you were blogging while you were on shift. September 30th at 3:56pm. You were working then, it's on your time sheet. Not okay. Be sure to tell the whole story. I encourage you to apply for unemployment, its your right to do so.

  6. uRabbit Says:

    One could assume that I posted it at that time. However, I draft the blog posts the night before, and have my wife proof-read them, then post them whenever she gets a chance.

    I am not surprised that these people had the audacity to comment on my blog. I am pretty sure that this counts as harassment...

  7. patientsaver Says:

    I'm really sorry you lost your job, especially in this environment. If I were you, I'd shut down this blog and open a new ID later, under a new name, as your identity has now been compromised and former employers may continue snooping.

  8. uRabbit Says:

    Obviously, they are. >.<

    I don't have anything to hide here. But if it gets out of hand, I may have to.

  9. jewels3 Says:

    I'd shut down the blog too. Kind of creepy to have your former employer keeping tabs on you. Sounds like you're better off without them (in the long run anyway). Best wishes to you!

  10. dmontngrey Says:

    I work in HR and the comment above claiming to be your previous employer is so far out of line, it's not even funny!! Yes, I agree with others - you need to start a fresh blog. Creepy doesn't begin to cover this.

  11. whitestripe Says:

    You should look into whether their treatment of you is legal or not. I agree with the others, it's quite creepy that your employer was stalking you.

  12. patientsaver Says:

    uRabbit, while it's totally tacky that your former employer chose to comment on your blog here, I don't think that constitutes harassment. Harassment is by definition something that happens repeatedly, over time, and so far, this has been a one-time thing.

    However, what you said below, if true, is really crossing the line and if they in fact did this, I think you would have legal cause to pursue:

    "And my previous employer said that they would "do everything in their power to make sure that I never work in the Medicaid-funded field again," and that they were going to be contacting the employer I was having the interview with."

    This they cannot do legally.

  13. uRabbit Says:

    Patientsaver, thank you for the reply. No, they cannot do this legally. However, how do I prove that they have done it? It seems as though the company that I was seeking employment with is now ignoring me. Leading me to believe that my previous employer did, in fact, call them, and my potential employer took the easy route by just not having dealings with me.

    So... Could I really prove that they did this? I don't think so, but I am open to suggestions. Still have yet to hear back from Department of Labor also. I filed on Tuesday.

  14. rob62521 Says:

    So sorry to learn of your termination. Hopefully things will work out for you...maybe you will discover a better job. When you find employment, it is best not to discuss your employment online.

  15. patientsaver Says:

    I think it would be an uphill battle to prove. You'd have something they said or wrote that somehow acknowledged making those statements, or contacting your prospective new employer.

    You would need to contact an attorney to be sure, but I think most people would probably look to learn from the experience and move on. I think your mistake was to put a link to your blog here on your Facebook page, which amounted to attaching a real name and identity to your blog.

  16. uRabbit Says:

    @patientsaver I agree. I have since removed all links to my blogs. I have also created a new blog. I will not post a link here, for obvious reasons.

  17. SavingsQueen Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you. I would change to a different name and also NEVER link this blog to your facebook account. Unfortunately, through doing that you gave your employer the ammo they needed. In this new technology age we ALL need to remember to guard our personal privacy carefully. Your story has reminded me to do the same thing.

  18. uRabbit Says:

    I have started a new blog. I would post a link, but... well, you know. Ha.

    Well, this may have been a blessing in disguise...

  19. wisewoman Says:

    No reputable employer would comment on your blog.
    I think "former employer" is a coworker who sold you out.

  20. wisewoman Says:

    No reputable employer would comment on your blog.
    I think "former employer" is a coworker who has access to the time sheets and sold you out.

  21. uRabbit Says:

    Key word being 'reputable'.

  22. terri77 Says:

    So sorry that this happened to you!

  23. uRabbit Says:

    Thank you, terri77.

    We are doing okay so far. We may not be able to achieve our specified goals, but we are experiencing new things now and are becoming better people for it.

    AND I don't have to be associated with THOSE PEOPLE anymore.

    Ha! I know they're reading, so I can just imagine their ire when reading this. I had no issues with the company beforehand. But when you get screwed over by someone, you tend to hold a bit of disdain.

  24. uRabbit Says:

    There is a policy about not being on the Internet while at work. So, the fact that that specific blog post was published at a time during my shift, somehow warranted my termination. Also, they feel that I somehow spook illfully of my participants. They even went so far as to berate me by asking if I had a degree in anything related to behavioural psychology. They never did ask me if it was me that posted the blog. They just assumed... And they would not let me speak. It was a former employee of theirs that sent them the link to my blog. A person whom they worship the ground he walks on, practically.

    Anyways... I have started a new blog. Smile

  25. SicilyYoder Says:

    I have blogged on here, and other sites for years, and I have been on here, editing and posting blogs, and the time is totally off when it is posted, so they can't go by that at all. I have been in the medical field, as a CNA, then an RN, and as a patient advocate. They can't push you out of the field, and most applications ask if they have your permission to contact your former employer. I left a job for sexual harrassment, and always checked "No", and explained in the bottom of the page.

  26. uRabbit Says:

    Unfortunately, however, they succeeded (so far) in this. It is not stopping me from pursuing my BS in Nursing, and then MSN after that. By then, I will have helped more people than the people that are my former employer. I will also be making more, and be happier. So a big fat negative finger gesture to them!


  27. wisewoman Says:

    fyi..your former employer cannot say anything negative about you when a new perspective employer calls for a reference. they can only verify employment dates and advise if you are rehirable. if your former employer gives negative informationabout you , you can sue for slander.

  28. uRabbit Says:

    @wisewoman Only if I can prove it...

  29. Raleigh Says:

    geeze bro... I hope your getting unemployment and find a job quick.. it's no fun being out of work with a family to support I've been there. FYI unless they have an IP log of you posting it on company computer on company network on company time, I'm pretty sure it falls under wrongful termination from that tidbit they posted here.. I don't know if the burden of proof would be on you or them though.

  30. uRabbit Says:

    I'm sure it would be on me. Ha. I am still pondering pursuing legal action.

    I'm not sure what I would be compensated, however.

  31. Raleigh Says:

    @u me either.. but before my bike obsession I worked in IT and I actually was paid to catch people misusing company resources.. it's a very very very fine line between invasion of privacy and checking up on your workers...

  32. uRabbit Says:

    Well if you're suggesting that the persons that fired me might actually get in trouble by their bosses... No. The only one above them is the owner and she knows what happened, I'm sure. "/

  33. Anon Says:

    You should seek some legal advice ASAP. We had a pretty bad employee at a company I worked for and when they were terminated (for safety reasons) we were told by HR & Legal that no one could give them a bad reference (even though it was 100% true and well deserved) because such cases usually go badly for the company if the ex-employee decides to sue for wrongful termination or defamation. At very worst you probably could get an injunction barring them from talking to any other future employers.

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