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Change of Employer

September 30th, 2011 at 10:56 pm

This week, I have been in contact with another possible employer. I will most likely be heading over to work for them, as my current employer is not fulfilling my needs. Here's the deal...

I work with Developmentally Disabled Adults. I work days, 9a-5p, M-F. I am also planning to go to school in the Spring, and classes are during the day M-Th. Obviously, this schedule will not work. And, as any smart person, I am putting school first. I put in a request to be moved to a night position. Night shifts consist of working 5p-9a. This shift would be the second half of the week, so it'd be 5p-9a, W & Th, 5p-5p F & Sat, and till 9a Sunday every other week. Make sense? So there is a 24-hour shift at the end of the week, with an extra 16 hours every other week. I know a lot of people get confused with this... 

The night shift pays less hourly, but makes ~$200 more per month, due to the fact that they work more hours. Also, you get to sleep while your clients are sleeping, so I should not be physically drained from lack of sleep.

This new position would allow me to go to college. It would also bring in more pay. However, it also means that I would be away from home a lot. But we must sacrifice now for the benefits later...

This other company has a night shift open with two clients that I have one and two years of experience with. This would be great, as I am currently working with two individuals that I do not feel safe with. I have expressed my concern and have requested to be transferred to another apartment until I get the night shift that I want, but they have been unwilling so far to help me with this.

So off to the other company. I just have to interview with them. 

I want to give my current employer two weeks notice, as I am not one to burn bridges. I may not like them as an employer, but it is a job, and they would take me back.

I was supposed to go in today for the interview, however, the person I was supposed to do it with cancelled and said he would contact me when he had time. Hopefully next week. Supervisors at these types of jobs are usually quite busy, so it's understandable that he had to cancel. Until then, I cannot give my notice. 

Going to be one step closer to going to school. One step closer to my dream career. One step closer to balanced family wellness. Smile

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