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July 12th, 2011 at 03:01 am

Just a bit of an update into my personal life. Lots going on.

Still need to get the driver side mirror replaced on our car. Don't want to pay $118 to do it though! But I can't do it myself. Tried. Broke the replacement mirror.

Got a trip to Portland coming up at the end of the month. Won't really have money for much than gas. Thankfully, we have cameras and feet, so we should be just fine.

And, I am thinking (again) of going to school for nursing. Ultimately, I want to become an RN with a BSN. Currently, there is only one BSN programme here in the state, and it is at Boise State University, and costs over $45,000. Four years (most likely more), lots of money, and lots of stress. I don't know about that. There is another school - Carrington College - that has an LPN programme (lower than RN) that is accredited. Their RN programme is not, unfortunately. However, its candidate status for RN with the NLNAC (nursing accreditation) ends in 2012, and I am sure they will get it by then.

I am quite up-in-arms over this, though. I work 9a to 5p. Carrington's classes are 9a to 5p. I could work 5p to 9a like I did when I went there for Massage Therapy. However, the MT programme was 9:30a to 4p. So, it was quite easier. However, I am sure I could get someone to come in earlier for me on my school days. Unfortunately, though, I would be gone from home for more than 24 hours, multiple days of the week. Crappy. But I would have my LPN in 9 months. And then, when I am ready, get my RN in another 9 months. Or, Carrington has a two-year RN course that results in an ASN. It is the same cost as both the LPN and LPN-to-RN courses. But it is not accredited, and I would not have the opportunity to work as an LPN before finishing my RN as I would with the other route.

It is all very stressful, and really, I just want to secure the future of my family. Finding it very difficult to do, though.

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  1. uRabbit Says:

    I have. None are accredited, though. Have been looking at RN positions and not all require a degree from an NLNAC accredited school, however. Though it is an awful lot of money to not have that accreditation.

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