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Car Needing Repairs

July 5th, 2011 at 09:41 pm

Well, it seems like car expenses like to hit all at once... 

A couple months ago, another driver swiped off my driver-side mirror with his passenger mirror, while trying to pass me illegally. Unfortunately, his insurance denied my claim because they could not get ahold of him via telephone, and there was not substantial evidence that he was ever involved. So, his business card with his personal information written on the back in his handwriting (license #, policy #) does not count as evidence? And I can just ignore my phone whenever I do not want to be held responsible for anything? Moral of this short story: always wait for police, no matter how long they take!

So, anyways, this mirror is needing replaced. I got a quote from a well-reputed body shop, and they want $118 to fix it! Ha! Right...

Also needing done is the alignment. My car's tires are wearing on the outside instead of on the inside like they should be doing. The inside of tires are supposed to do more of the road surface contact, while the outsides of tires are supposed to wick away rain and snow. This is how they are made. When they flip-flop responsibilities, they perform at half their potential value. Therefore, my tires are wearing way too fast on the outside. 

I am needing new tires, but this can be avoided for a while by addressing the underlying problem, that being the alignment. It is possible that instead of making the wheels toe-in, they are toeing out. This is causing the inappropriate tire wear. This job can be done at Big-O Tires for $55, according to the quote they gave me over the phone. By far the cheapest. 

As for the mirror... I am thinking of getting a new mirror online from a third party manufacturer (rather than direct from Ford, as they charge $52 per mirror). I have found one for $25 online. Also, we know a mechanic through family that charges very fairly and is quite knowledgeable, and does not take too long or perform too quickly. We will be getting into contact with him in order to arrange something. 

You don't always have to pay an arm and a leg to fix/maintain your vehicle. Smile

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