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My Daily Frugal Lunch

July 1st, 2011 at 07:06 pm

I know a lot of people eat out, especially for lunch while at work. This is not only hard on your pocketbook, but also on your health. Here is what I have for lunch every day, M-F, thanks to my wonderful wife.

- Sandwich (of some variety; PB&J, meat and cheese with spinach, etc.)
- All-Natural crackers or baked chips (Wheat Thins, Triskets, Kettle Brand baked chips, etc.) - one serving size
- Organic baby carrots
- Tillamook All-Natural Lowfat yogurt - there is absolutely nothing artificial in these cups of delicious yogurt! And, they're super cheap! About $0.40 each.
- One full

Text is bobble and Link is
bobble - I drink about 3-4 of these a day. Best part is, it's refillable and has a built-in filter!

This is a super low-cost lunch and I enjoy it every day!

7 Responses to “My Daily Frugal Lunch”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Sounds like a healthy and delicious meal and is pretty much what my kids take to school (minus the yogurt as they don't like it getting half frozen by their ice packs).

  2. uRabbit Says:

    Gee, thanks for comparing me to your children, LuckyRobin. Haha ;P

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Big Grin You're welcome!

  4. rob62521 Says:

    You are wise in taking your lunch. You are correct -- many go out each day. I work with a gal who has to go and get lunch every day (we only get 30 minutes). She will be the one complaining when she retires that she has no money.

    My husband's uncle was a teacher (as am I.) For over 30 years he took the same lunch -- a peanut butter sandwich and a couple of other things. They were and are frugal. He's 91 and she's 87. They just bought a new car...and paid cash. Like they did the one before that! And for everything else they buy. They have always lived within their means. Sounds like you are doing the same!

  5. uRabbit Says:

    Thank you, rob! We are certainly trying! But we are by no means the ideal models for frugality. We still have our treats, but we live at the minimum happiness level sustainable.

  6. patientsaver Says:

    Oh, I remember Boise. Isn't that the place where they have some old mining caves where tourists can get a tour? I remember the guy was looking for a "volunteer" to hold the jackhammer, and sadly, he picked me. It near shook the teeth out of my head.

    Anyway, if it's Boise I'm thinking of, very cute little town, and yeah, it did seem kind of hippie-like.

  7. uRabbit Says:

    Boise, ID. Up near Idaho City, there are some old mining caves. Smile

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